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Adon Clinic offers you the best hair transplant in Mumbai at affordable prices. Dr. Ashok Sinha has been a pioneer in the field of hair transplant with 9+ years of experience. If you are looking for hair transplant in Mumbai, Adon Clinic is undoubtedly the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.

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Our highly qualified and dedicated doctors have more than 9+ years of experience, and have treated thousands of patients successfully.

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Adon Clinic - Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai


Adon Clinic is a Hair Transplant clinic in Mumbai. We have well experienced doctors who have lots of knowledge of latest technologies for hair transplant. These technologies helps you in hair transplant without any scars, surgeries and swelling in your scalp. Hair Transplant is becoming one of the the most important need of the Indian population as half of the Indian population ends up losing their hair. People who losing hair or becoming bald are in some sort of sorrow. Some say they're depressed, some say they're ruined in their social life, while others feel their confidence has fallen, while some aren't comfortable going for any relationship. They are all looking for the best hair transplant clinic near Mumbai and the well experienced hair transplant doctors in Mumbai, a doctor who can help them with the hair growth by providing a healtheir growth in hair and take care for their future. We deliver the best hair transplant treatment in mumbai, using the best technology doesn't mean we're charging the highest. We understand the cost of hair transplantation should be less expensive than a heart transplant, so our charges are moderate. In Nutshell, the most trusted and advanced hair transplant therapy at a moderate price.

Adon clinic is well recognized as a hair transplant clinic in mumbai. We offer our patient inexpensive therapy. We use the recent hair transplant surgery technology. Adon clinic is a reputed name in hair transplant surgery, treatment. Adon team has jointly conducted 2500 transplants from FUT, then FUE, body hair extraction to the recent lengthy hair FUE and direct non-shaven FUE in the last 7 years of workout. Our hair transplant operation is best with less pain, there is no scar.

  • 1 Highly qualified, experienced team of doctors
  • 2 More than 3000 hair transplant
  • 3 consistency in providing high density and best result
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Adon clinic is renowned for quality hair transplant in mumbai. Adon clinic conduct all transplant methods such as follicular unit extraction (fue) follicular unit transplant (fut). Hair transplant can also be used to recover eyelids, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, pubic hair and fill scars caused by accidents or surgery and prior hair transplants.

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  • Hair Transplant Clinic53px
    Long Hair FUE

    If you are fearful of trimming and want to experience a new look immediately without anybody's notice long hair FUE is a choice.

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  • Hair Transplant Clinic
    No Touch FUE

    Results of Hair transplant depends a lot on handling a soft, tiny, tender graft just taken out of the body. Now, that graft have no connected...

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  • Hair Transplant Clinic
    Eyebrow Transplant

    If you have eyebrow nobody care, if you have no eyebrow it looks weird but when you have asymmetrical or less dense eyebrow...

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  • Hair Transplant Clinic
    Eyelash Transplant

    A man - advised me not to become a news anchor because my eyelashes were too long, and they would distract the viewers. what if you...

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  • Hair Transplant Clinic
    Why we lose hair

    Why me? This question comes in mind whenever someone starts losing hair. Hair loss at...

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  • Hair Transplant Clinic
    Hair transplant & treatments

    Modern medicine offer many new approach for hair loss treatment. The available...

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  • Hair Transplant Clinic
    Trusted Clinic

    It is not easy to create the most trusted clinic anywhere. But still we are trying our best to gain...

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  • Hair Transplant Clinic
    Cost of hair transplant

    Cost is always a great factor in the field of hair transplant. Cost factor is a complex structure in...

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If you're searching for the best hair transplant surgeons and team of hair transplant doctors in mumbai or bangalore, here's a team. The team that conducted India's first lengthy hair was hair transplant, the team that did India's first direct non-shaven fue hair transplant. Every time, all hair transplant treatment procedures guarantee safety, quality and excellent outcomes. The team of ADON CLINIC doctors is well-qualified, well-trained, experienced, hard-working and honest. In the past 7 years, they have collectively performed 2,500 transplants. They are members of the World Fue Institute as well. At the Adon clinic, each doctor and staff member follows these processes and is advised by the scientific board in extraordinary cases.

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