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If you are looking for best hair transplant surgeons and doctors team in mumbai or banglore , here is team. The team that has performed first long hair fue hair transplant of india, the team that has done first direct non shaven fue hair transplant of india. ADON CLINIC doctors team is well qualified , well trained, experienced, hard working and honest. Collectively they have performed 2500 transplant in last 7 years. They are also members of world fue institute.

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    Dr. Ashok Sinha

    MBBS, trichologist and hair scientist

    Dr. Ashok Sinha is MBBS, trichologist and hair scientist. He started hair transplant in the year 2011. so far he has performed 1500 transplant by all techniques. He started transplant carrier with FUT, then FUE. In 2014 he introduced body hair extraction in his practice and also beard, moustache and eyebrow transplant. Along with Dr. Kiran and Dr. Satyajeet he performed first long hair FUE and direct non-shaven FUE of India. He is featured on BBC world, news 24 and All India Radio. Also, he is a life member of the prestigious world FUE institute. He is involved with a team of engineers to develop one hair transplant instrument , which can be the most simplest hair transplant instrument of world, for that he has two pending patents in his name. Also the educative you tube channel is his brain child. Through this channel, he wants to share the most genuine and recent development of hair related treatment and research. He wants to share knowledge with every body in simple language so that people can choose best clinic after proper understanding. He is the soul of ADON clinic. His area of interest is hair research, hair transplant and education. He is also working on hair treatment beyond minoxidil and finasteride.

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    Dr. Satyjeet Kangle

    MD Dermatologist

    Dr. Satyajeet Kangle is MD Dermatologist. He joined the world of transplant in the year 2013. Before that, he was practicing in Dubai as an aesthetic dermatologist. He is a compassionate and honest soul, who shows his human side in his practice. So far he has done 1000 hair transplant. As usual, he started with FUT then FUE then body hair extraction then beard, moustache, and eyebrow transplant. He is a dedicated member of doctors team at adon who keeps an eye on new development and research in the world of trans[plant. He was one of the three doctors who performed first long hair fue and direct non shaven fue. After the transplant, if you want to know about aesthetic dermatologist like botox, fillers, thread lift , laser and any other dermatologic advice, he is always there with his 12 years experience. At ADON he is one of strongest piller in research, an introduction of any new technique and pushing the horizon in hair transplant. Dr satyajeet is very active and attended and presented papers in many national and international conferences all over world. He has been credited with 2 publications in dermatology journal. He is a life member of the prestigious indian association of dermatologist venerologist and leprologist (IJDVL)

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