Why we lose hair?

Why me? This question comes in mind whenever someone starts losing hair. Hair loss at any age is frustrating, knowing the cause may help in fighting this situation better.

Science In general, consider that a male loses hair because of genetic inheritance and hormone dihydrotestosterone combination. These two factors set the platform and smaller factors like stress, nutritional deficiency, smoking, bad lifestyle, irregular food habits, chronic illness, dandruff, hard water, night shift, irregular sleep, change in external environment, some diseases like hypo/hyperthyroidism etc increase hair loss tendency.

whereas causes of hair loss in the female are more complex like anemia, thyroid, pcod, post delivery, perimenopause, postmenopause like situation increase hair loss apart from regular situations mentioned above.

This is a general consensus about causes of hair loss. At the ADON CLINIC, we go deeper and try to find more reasons for hair loss. In our practice, we observed that working on above-mentioned reasons are not enough to stop hair loss. So we stress on some specific reasons like chronically elevated cortisol level, chronically elevated prolactin level . obesity, chronically elevated estrogen level, the liberation of free fatty acid in the blood, MUCO POLYSACCHARIDE AND CALCIUM accumulation in scalp tissue, drop in protective hormone level are also important reasons for hair loss in both the sex.

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