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Innovation, research, 99.5% success rate. honest, hard work,
consistent result, first long hair fue, first direct non shaven fue,
60 ml blood prp, no root touch techniques.

We Have More Than

7 years of Experience

Located in the suburb of Andheri near the airport in the city of Mumbai and residency road in Bengaluru. ADON TRICHOLOGY CLINIC is a lab of research, innovation, and delivery of best hair treatment in India. Whether its hair loss treatment or hair transplant or platelet-rich plasma, we try our best to provide the best, most advanced and proven treatment in the best possible way. Although ADON is a new name, still its team has collectively performed more than 3000 hair transplant, starting with FUT, then by FUE, then by body hair extraction to now latest long hair FUE and direct non-shaven FUE in last 7 years of practice. ADON TRICHOLOGY CLINIC is the first CLINIC in India to perform long hair FUE and direct non-shaven FUE on 29th and 30th November 2018. We are a first and only clinic to provide 60 ml blood PRP. In our long practice, we have observed that hair transplant is very subjective surgery. Some patient has good donor area, some has poor donor area, some has straight grafts while some has curved grafts, some has majority 2 hair graft while some has single or 3 hair graft. some body’s graft is easy to extract while some persons grafts need a special strategy to extract without damaging it. Apart from these subjective variations, not every person is a perfect candidate for hair transplant. To make every hair transplant successful, we need honest assessments, tests, trichoscan and complete history of every single person. Then after understanding his or her condition, we plan their hair transplant keeping the individual variations in mind. Based on these subjective variations we make many changes like the size of punch, length of slit blade, hair transplant techniques etc. Keeping these changes in mind and after dedicated hard work, we can expect a good hair transplant then a good result. At ADON we consider your success is our success. Getting a perfect result after the transplant is the ultimate success for the patient. And a smile on his or her face, improved confidence, improved relationship status, growth in their professional and business life is our success.




By following international standard, by understanding details of the difficulty level of transplant in every individual, by making changes in technology, like no-root touch technique where we never touch the vital part of grafts during implantation and extraction, we change length and size of punches according to the size of patients graft length and size. Many such subjective changes make us different and successful from other clinics. More than 99% success rate is a strong indication of our technique and hard work.


We adopt new technology to provide the latest and most advanced features in hair transplant. The result is visible as ADON is the first clinic to do LONG HAIR FUE & DIRECT NON SHAVING FUE.



All our doctors are life members of the prestigious WORLD FUE INSTITUTE. They are experienced and hard working. They keep their knowledge updated by attending various conferences and workshops by world's best hair transplant surgeons.


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