Adon clinic is a hair restoration or hair transplant clinic in mumbai in which FUE hair transplant clinic in mumbai. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), instead of the FUT strategy, is a hair transplant technique in which our doctor’s team separates the follicular units of hair, from the contributor territory of your head, one by one. Adon Clinic is an internationally recognized Clinic for providing the best FUE hair transplant in Mumbai. If you are tired of trying all kind of Hair loss medication without any benefits, you are at the right place. FUE hair transplant in Mumbai offered by Adon Clinic is the best and permanent one time solution to get rid of your hair loss issues. At Adon Clinic, Dr. Ashok performs FUE Hair Transplant with international standards.

In FUE hair transplant treatment are extremely long lasting and currently one of the most successful hair loss treatment. FUE hair transplant in mumbai is done by experienced doctors and in this you have no scars, no stitches and no pain.

The handpiece of motorized FUE machine is fixed with a micro-punch which rotate at high rpm and create a small circular incision around the follicular unit and separate the grafts from rest of skin. The cored graft is extracted from the safe donor area. Extracted grafts are stored in a special solution. Once the required number of graft is extracted surgeon transplant them in the required area by any method like stick and place using a needle or directly by implanter or by using forceps.

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