Direct Non-shaven FUE


Many people do not want to shave their hair before transplant. To fight with this issue this technique of non-shaven FUE was the solution.

First, non-shaven FUE technique was called pre-trimmed non shaven fue where donor area was divided in small zones , and then individual hair shaft was cut by iris scissor, then cored by motorised fue punch. This was a slow process.

Direct non shaven fue technique is more faster , where there is no need to cut individual hair by scissors, but the cutting process is done directly by the high speed rotating punch. once hair shaft is cut in same movement graft is cored.

Advantage with this process is no trimming required but yes just after transplant donor area has no sign of transplant.

Its a slow process , so mega session is not possible. This process is good for a small number of grafts.

This process was again performed FIRST TIME IN INDIA by doctor team of ADON TRICHOLOGY CLINIC on 29th november 2018 on mr paresh. It was a case of 1500 grafts. Detail video is available on our channel. link...

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