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Adon Clinic known as high tech Hair Transplant clinic near Bangalore and for the experienced Hair Restoration Doctors in Bangalore.

hair fall or hair loss has become a very common issue among people, who suffers from hair fall want to cure this problem of root anyhow but in most of the cases, they do not get result as hair loss occurs due to lot of reasons. Now, the question is how to cure hair loss of eyebrow, scalp, beard, and mustache permanently and the best solution is hair transplant in mumbai. Yes, this is the super, safe and cost-effective solution as a long lasting cure. The best part about hair transplant is that it has no side effects. Adon clinic Hair Transplant clinic near Bangalore provides the best quality and pocket- friendly solution with the option of choosing hair transplantations method as per your suitability.

Hair Transplant is a Surgical Technique that includes extraction of hair follicles from the contributor site and situation on the beneficiary site (which is the bare zone) done under a neighborhood sedative. Adon Clinic is a standout amongst the best hair transplant facility close Bangalore, A uber session finishes the whole methodology – reap of hair follicles from the benefactor site at the back of the patient's scalp and situation of the gathered follicles in the beneficiary site on the scalp-in a solitary session enduring a few hours. Various sessions might be a superior decision for a few patients, in light of patient's solace level, considering in ailments also.


Situated in the Andheri close to the airplane terminal in the city of Mumbai and residency street in Bengaluru. ADON TRICHOLOGY CLINIC is a lab of research, advancement, and conveyance of best hair treatment in India. Regardless of whether its male pattern baldness treatment or hair transplant or platelet-rich plasma, we attempt our best to give the best, most exceptional and demonstrated treatment in the most ideal way. In spite of the fact that ADON is another name, still its group has all things considered performed in excess of 3000 hair transplant, beginning with FUT, at that point by FUE, at that point by body hair extraction to now most recent long hair FUE and direct non-shaven FUE in most recent 7 years of training.

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