Hair Transplant Surgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Ashok Sinha is MBBS, trichologist and hair scientistis considered among the best dermatologists and hair transplant surgeon in Bangalore, India. He began hair transplant in the year 2011. so far he has performed 1500 transplant by all systems. He began transplant transporter with FUT, at that point FUE. In 2014 he presented body hair extraction in his training and furthermore facial hair, mustache and eyebrow transplant. Alongside Dr. Kiran and Dr. Satyajeet he performed first long hair FUE and direct non-shaven FUE of India. He is included on BBC world, news 24 and All India Radio.

Dr. Satyajeet Kangle is MD Dermatologist. He joined the universe of transplant in the year 2013. Prior to that, he was rehearsing in Dubai as a stylish dermatologist. He is a caring and legit soul, who demonstrates his human side in his training. So far he has completed 1000 hair transplant. Not surprisingly, he began with FUT then FUE at that point body hair extraction at that point facial hair, mustache, and eyebrow transplant. He is a committed individual from specialists group at adon who watches out for new advancement and research in the realm of transplant.

Dr. Kiran Sawant is a maxillofacial specialist, lifetime individual from esteemed world FUE organization, and furthermore has a recognition in trichology from FRANCE. He handles ADON Bangalore. He has an exceptionally decent careful mind and astonishing careful masterful capacities. He trusts hair reclamation is a careful creativity and one must perform it with an energy to get normal looking results. So far he has performed 1000+ hair transplant by all techniques . His next target is to do first eyelash transplant in india. He was driving the group of specialists trio as of late in mumbai in performing initially long hair fue and direct non shaven fue. He is a man of magnificence and flawlessness. He can do any astonishing hair transplant specialist in Bangalore.

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